Remotely configure your SolarCam.

Online SolarCam settings :

You have a working solarcam through this form you can change the settings of your webcam.

This configuration is read and applied once daily in the morning, or sending the "Tests" SMS command.
Name can only be changed by email request.
Important :
-If You do not complete a field (eg, frequency), the current value will remain in place.
-Do not hesitate to contact SolarCam if in doubt.
Note :
-Email will be sent after the configuration.
-In case of stop, email will be sent to you within 24 hours.

-Use In 2 steps :

    1-Load your configuration with the button 'LOAD'
    2-Edit then press 'SAVE' button
    Each time, revalidate Captcha (For safety reasons).

E-mail: *

IMEI of the Webcam (15 digits): *

1- Validate Captcha, Load the current "Online" configuration of your SolarCam.

2- Validate Captcha, Save the configuration on your SolarCam.

SolarCam Start of configuration :
Open Camera.
Auto or SMS mode:

    This option should be enabled (Auto) to start Timelapse.          
    Uncheck to stop iwebcam (SMS), you can still use SMS commands.          
    "Tests" message reload this configuration in the camera.          
    "Break" message stop timelapse.          
    If 3G or wifi is misconfigured, the smartphone will reboot indefinitely !.

Mode 3G or Wifi.

Image :
Please read the FAQ to estimate your 3G data usage.
Interval in minutes between 2 photos (from 1 to 120min):
Photo size (2 to 10, see table below):

    -SolarCam 2018 : 3: 1280 x 720 5: 1920 x 1080(HD) 2: 640 x 480 4: 1280 x 960 10: 3264 x 2448 (8MegaPix)
    -SolarCam Mini : 3: 1280 x 720 5: 1920 x 1080(HD) 2: 640 x 480 4: 1280 x 960 10: 2592 x 1944 (5MegaPix)

Password Protection Web: (Private accounts - remove to disable logon password - update every morning)
Password :

Energy Options : Avoid running out of energy !
The average voltage on a sunny day should be 4V, below your solarcam consumes too much !

    -Lower frequency consume less,
    -Adjust the solar panel,
    -Add a new panel.

You can here change the general behavior iwebcam.
Attention in case of improper use, the webcam can stop!
Replace with default values ​​if any doubt.
Important: Below 3.8v, there is a problem, the phone may turn off (autoboot will restart phone after a full solar charge).


Start Time (in hour, default 6):

Stop time (in hour, default 22):

Light threshold (default 90):

Period with light threshold, red arrows (in hour, default 3):

Timelapse operation day (default all - from v59) :

Special Options :
No autofocus. ('On' is recommended).
Auto mode: automatic timelapse management depending of the battery level (from V56).
Photos saved on SD, without 3G/Wifi transmission, except by SMS commands. (from v55).
Photos saved on SD, with 3G/Wifi transmission. (from v56).
Display temperature °C. (Sony Lithium - from V54).
No forwarding of unsolicited SMS.
Admin_Protection: If checked, Admin mode will be applied (for clubs).
FTP : Check option "FTP" to activate FTP transfer.

    Server (ex:

    Login (ex: mylogin):

    Password (ex: 1234):

A folder with name of your camera will be created in the root of your FTP.
In this folder, you can add a transparent layer image (mycamera.png) to be superimposed on your image.
ie with Marseille_6 SolarCam: Marseille_6.png

Number of days saved on server*: (0 to 30 days)
* Only the last 3 days will be kept on the server if:
          - your SolarCam is public.
          - your SolarCam is Private with an active option: Interval <5min, or FreqAuto or FTP option.

Debug Options:
Non Stop: The webcam will work 24/24.
Flash ON.
Test Bat : Battery Test Mode. Please have look to the FAQ to get more informations.
OTA : Enable automatic update. (micro SD necessary - from V53).
Movie sequence. (All options will be disabled with this mode - from V60).
Switch to airplane mode at night to preserve the battery if needed. (from V58).
No morning Reboot ( if plane mode - from V59).
Debug (from V56).
TimeOut: (Between 30 and 55s, a larger timeout will consume more energy, default 30)
Between 2 images, 3G or WIFI are automatically shut off to save energy.

Note: A technical report is available by clicking in the top left corner of the last image.
Any Public / Private account unused or not validated will be removed or desactivated.