Configure your SolarCam remotely

Modification of the parameters of your SolarCam:

You have an operational SolarCam, thanks to this form you can modify the parameters of your SolarCam.
This configuration is read once a day in the morning, or by sending the SMS Tests command.
-Do not hesitate to contact SolarCam in case of doubt.
-An email will be sent to you after configuration.
-In case of shutdown of your SolarCam, an email will be sent to you within 24 hours.

-Use in 2 steps:

1-First load your configuration with the 'LOAD' button
2-Modify then save with the 'SAVE' button
If present, revalidate the Captcha (for security reasons).

E-mail: *

IMEI of the SolarCam (15 digits): *

Validate the Captcha, and download the configuration of your SolarCam.