mini 4G solar camera, for construction sites, tourism, timelapse.

maintenance free, very long term.

4G Solar Camera

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Get a picture every minute in HD and a live timelapse from anywhere, anytime!

The SolarCam is a wireless mini 13Mpx camera, which can be recharged by the sun, communicates by Wifi or 3G / 4G.
Control your webcam remotely using your mobile phone or computer.
Images, timelaps and videos are directly visible on your Internet browser, with or without a password. Compatible with any operator.

Example of a Live, a SolarCam 4G, with a small solar panel of 2W.



Add a live view of your city on the Internet.



Avoid consuming petrol, see if the conditions (waves or wind) of your spot are there.


Keep an eye on your boat, your garden, your animals in an isolated field.



Follow the progress of a site from your office. Easily execute TimeLapse sequences of several months or years.

Solar, wireless, works worldwide!

The SolarCam uses a modified smartphone that recharges using a solar panel.
The battery keeps the system operational even in bad weather.
The small waterproof case is easily installed everywhere, on a pole, a gutter, in a tree.
The quality of the photo can reach 1 to 13 mega pixels.
4G timelapse camera 4G Solar Camera SolarCam 4G Standalone camera Standalone webcam

Easy to use

No need for complicated adjustment to obtain an image on line.
The SolarCam is simple to use. The new SolarCam 4G is even easier to use.
You can control your SolarCam remotely by your phone and receive a live image.
Your image can be public or private, or sent directly to your website.

compatible coccinelle-gotlib

1 photo every minute

Up to one image per minute can be transmitted in 4G 3G or wifi.
The interval is adjustable, you can also get a photo on demand by SMS, 24 hours a day.
The timelapse sequences are available live on the site, visible on your smartphone or tablet.
The photos are stored on the SolarCam server for download, or directly on your FTP server.
The SolarCam4G offers video sequences up to 1 minute.

4g webcam timelapse
The images, timelaps and videos are visible live on your phone, tablet or PC.


Price: from 650 €

Webcam tourisme 4G Camera Timelapse Chantier 4G
A simple and innovative concept, a unique product.


Example of live camera!

Enjoy timelapses, on your computer, tablet and smartphone.

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